Cape Curry Mix

Cape Curry Mix

2 tablesp oil
5 tablesp whole coriander seeds
2½ tablesp cumin seeds
2½ tablesp urad dal (I substitute lentils)
2 teasp whole peppercorns
1 teasp whole fenugreek seeds
4 tablesp mild red pure chillie powder
2 tablesp red paprika powder

Using a heavy based med size cast iron type pot heat the oil and put in coriander and cumin seeds. Stir till a slightly darker shade then empty into a bowl. Roast urad dal in the oil till a shade darker and add to bowl. Then put in peppercorns and fenugreek, roast briefly taking care not to burn, empty into bowl. When all the spices are cool, grind in batches as fine as possible. Mix altogether with chillies and paprika. 

Store in a jar with a tight lid away from the damp and the light.

Keeps well up to one year.

(I use this with most of my curries as it really has a wonderful flavour but beware it is quite hot).



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