Chocolate Dessert Cream


Preparation = 20 mins
Cooking time = 20 mins
6 Servings

¾ litre of milk
50 g sugar
200 g cooking chocolate
3 table spoons of cornflower
2 egg yolks

Dissolve the chocolate in a bain marie with little hot milk.
Add the sugar. Stir well until dissolved.
Mix in a bowl the egg yolks and the cornflower.
Add the milk/chocolate mixture and heat.
Mix the remainder of the milk in slowly.
Keep stirring on low heat until the 1st bubble appears.
Pour into 6 bowls or ramekins.

N.B. I found the Bain Marie too slow! It was easier and quicker to use the heat diffuser. It ended up like a thick chocolate cream, not set as I expected. It was delicious. and very easy

This recipe was given to me in French by my neighbour but the translation seems to work fine.


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