Granadilla Pudding (Passion Fruit)


1 tin of Ideal Milk (evaporated milk)
14-16 granadillas (Passion Fruit)
2 heaped tsp gelatine
4 heaped tbs castor sugar

Put tin of Ideal Milk in the fridge overnight.
Beat milk with an electric beater till stiff, add juice of granadillas and several tbs of the pulp/pips.
Add the castor sugar and lastly the gelatine that has been soaked and dissolved in 2 tbs of hot water and stood over boiling water till dissolved.
Pour into glass bowl and allow to set in fridge.

This is really delicious, always a hit with guests, so light and flavourful and can be made in advance.
I am sure one can substitute granadillas for another fruit.

Sent in by Julia - Zimbabwe


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