Guinea Fowl with Orange Sauce

Guinea Fowl with Orange Sauce  Delicious

(serves 4)

1 Guinea Fowl (remove skin, optional, but it is much nicer without)
I med onion (halved and sliced)
250ml wine
125ml fresh orange juice and the zest
Approx 500ml chicken stock
Basil & Thyme to taste
3 Carrots diced
3 stalks celery diced
250gr bacon
Salt & pepper

Heat oven to 170┬║ C (350┬║ F)
Place guinea fowl in a casserole and cover with slices of bacon. Place onion around the fowl and sprinkle with thyme and basil. Salt and pepper to taste. Pour over the wine, orange juice, zest and chicken stock so that liquid is about ½ way up the bird. Cover.
Put in oven and bring to boil. Allow 30 minutes after boiling (this takes a while) then add vegetables and cook for another 30 minutes.

Put aside to allow the bird to rest, meanwhile make the sauce.


1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon flour
Large pinch paprika
Tin of mandarins with juice (I have used fresh mandarins as tinned is not available in our area in France)
3 tablespoons Marmalade

Heat butter, flour and paprika in thick based saucepan, when melted cook for 1 minute and then add juice from mandarins stirring well. (if not tinned, extra sherry and some water or orange juice). Add marmalade and enough sherry to make a sauce consistency. Cook for a few minutes then add mandarins and heat through.  (If using fresh use a potato masher to squash them down.) Serve with guinea fowl, vegetables and potatoes or rice.  We like rosemary roasted sweet potatoes. P.S. Also good with mashed parsnips.


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