Left Over Meat with Rice


1 Cup rice – cook and cool
2 eggs
Onion/celery/pepper/broccoli/peas etc diced small
Diced cooked meat (best with seafood, poultry or pork, also nice with bacon)
1 tablesp sesame oil
2 tablesp veg oil

Beat eggs with 1 tblesp oil

Put remaining oil into non stick frying pan or wok, add egg mixture and scramble eggs.
Add rice and vegetables, cook for a few minutes.
Add meat and heat through.
Serve hot.

Note: I vary this recipe each time I make it, and I add what ever flavours and spices I feel like on the spur of the moment. I have also used Soya sauce and oyster sauce with it to give a different flavour. If using bacon add this before the rice and vegetables to make sure it is cooked through. This is great for a quick supper. Diane 


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