Pizza Toppings

Pizza Toppings

I use the Speedy Pizza Dough which I generally roll and put into a well oiled rectangular cooking tray leaving the edges slightly thicker to keep the filling from going off the edge.  A basic pizza dough with yeast would be preferable but I never have the time!

On the base I spread 1 tin chopped tomatoes with some juice drained off and mashed well.  Sprinkle with pepper, a little salt and origanum or/and basil.
Grate mozzarella cheese over the top or layer with thin slices.

Top with any of the following or mix according to taste:

Mushrooms lightly fried.
Garlic lightly fried.
Ham strips.
Bottled mussels - minus the bottle!!
Anchovy fillets.
Olives sliced.
Italian salami sliced.
Ham & Pineapple.
Mushroom, onion, green pepper and chillies to taste.

Sprinkle over a little oil or preferably lightly spray oil. Bake at 220º C for about 25 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the dough is well risen.


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